Mechanical Monolith Studio

Game Pitches

Count your chickens (or don't!) in a press your luck game with strategy, luck, twists, and turns.

Worship a dark Elder god and bring glory to them with three different paths to victory.  Players must plan carefully to take care of shifting circumstances.

Push your luck with your plucky band of Heroes as you explore a dungeon.  Escape with the goods or stay behind to get even bigger rewards.

A fast paced word game that is fun for the whole family.  Make words, race the clock, score the most!

A draft and write game about taking over the world... just before it ends.

A game of survival where multiple heroes attempt to tell their stories while the Zombie Master attempts to eat their brains.

Two teams of aliens fight over the remains of the Earth.  Each player has a unique deck of actions that help them wage battle in an urban setting.

Villains struggle to take over the universe with unique agendas that also give special abilities.  As Villains battle across time, only one can be victorious.

Dice driven dungeon crawl.  Players use dice pools to achieve victory.  With variable setup, there are endless possibilities of adventure!