Exile 2020

"The end of humanity is the beginning of eternal war"

Players: 2 - 4

Length: 90+ minutes

Ages: Teen to Adult

Type: Strategy, Team Play, Territory Control

Exile 2025 is a card driven miniature game of urban combat. After an alien penal ship strands the most vicious, dangerous creatures in the galaxy on Earth, humanity is all but extinguished. Factions fight over the precious resources of Earth, to further their own goals, or to simply destroy each other. All the while the ship Exile sends down robotic troops to help and hinder.

Each player commands a faction and works with a teammate to achieve scenario goals. Players are divided into two teams of two. While players must cooperate, only spaces with their own pieces may be activated, ensuring teamwork. Exile is a scenario based game with random setup ensuring unique games.

Each round, players will play a Command card that determines reinforcements, movement, and distance. Battles continue from round to round unless completely resolved, creating an obstacle to movement, and giving players time to reinforce or withdraw units.

The base game contains 6 different factions with pre-constructed decks. Expansions can include new scenarios, new factions, and new cards for existing factions, allowing players to customize their command decks.