“Unlimited adventure awaits”

Players: 2 - 4 (5th player expansion)

Length: 90+ minutes

Ages: Young Teen to Adult

Type: Strategy, Story, and light luck

Boundless is an asymmetric team game of Heroes vs Overlord. Player actions are driven by dice pools, with players deciding how much dice to commit to an action. Dice also have special abilities (based on color) that must be considered, impacting player choice.

[Picture of Game Board setup]

Heroes are built from two cards, a Character and a Calling. This creates a unique character for the game or campaign. Both parts of a Hero determine their dice pool and health, while the Character provides stats, the Calling provides a unique ability for the Hero! Each part also contributes to the cards used for upgrading the Hero over the course of the campaign.

The Overlord chooses a Boss, an Enemy, and a Trait to create a unique combination of abilities and creatures to use in the campaign. Boundless is designed to allow new Boss, Enemy, and Traits to be mixed and matched for replay-ability with every release.

Boundless can be played as a one off adventure, or as part of a Campaign. Campaign play focuses on achieving story objectives, not just combat. Combat allows the Heroes to directly influence the Overlord’s available dice, but is not the end all.

The Boundless system can be re-themed to fit any type of genre or IP.