“It’s not a fun dungeon, it's a Fungeon!”

Players: 2 - 8

Length: 20 - 40 minutes

Ages: All Ages

Type: Strategy, Probability, Luck

Fungeon is a game of push-your-luck candy grabbing.  Everyone plays with a unique party of Friends and travels through 5 different adventures.  In each area players will select one of their Friends to bring along.   

But beware, adventures are dangerous and if you don’t leave in time, you get nothing!  However, If a player leaves with their loot too early, they make the looting even better for those that stay behind.  Prizes add a variety of play, from more candy, to altering the rules of the game.    

Fungeon is designed for future expansions of Friends, Prizes, and even different Adventures.  The first adventure is the Big Rock Candy Mountain!  Home to trolls, falling rocks, and a variety of minor dangers. Components are around 60 cards and some tokens for scoring (coins, gems, etc.).

Fungeon Game example of play in progress.


This is the current sell sheet for Fungeon.