Arkham Uprising

The stars are right for revolt...

Players: 2 - 4 (5 - 6 expansion)

Length: 70+ minutes

Ages: 13+

Type: Card Driven, Drafting, Area Influence, Direct Interaction, Player Driven Scoring, Multi-Use Cards, Hand Management, Hidden Info

Market: Medium to Heavy Gamers, Cthulhu Mythos fans, Strategists

All hail Cthulhu!  All hail Dagon!  All hail Yog-Sothoth!

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You are the servant of a great Elder One.  The stars have aligned and soon the gates will open, allowing the most devoted to bring forth their master.

Arkham Uprising is a card driven action game, that revolves around planning and strategy.  Each round players draft the actions they will use to achieve victory in one of three unique ways.  Players gain Favor by performing Rituals, competing for Power, or Sacrificing units.  The game ends after 5 rounds or when anyone reaches the end of a favor track.  However, ending the game early does not ensure victory!   

Each game players will chose an Elder One from the Cthulhu Mythos to serve, a herald to lead their forces, and agents to control.  The area of conflict is the town of Arkham, with one public ceremony known each round, and every player choosing a secret location for another ceremony.  However, any player can score at a ceremony location, so players must be careful to avoid being too obvious and aiding their enemies.

Arkham Uprising is designed for future expansions of Elder Ones, Heralds, and a board expansion allowing 5 & 6 players to play.