“To Do: 1. Kill Zombies 2. Barricade the Door 3. Kill more Zombies”

Players: 2 - 6

Length: 50+ minutes

Ages: Young Teen to Adult

Type: Strategy and light luck

Braaains!!! is a game of survival with asymmetric teams (One vs Many). Heroes attempt to defend the house, while the Zombie Lord sends waves of zombies against them. Heroes spend actions and roll dice to attack zombies and craft items to bolster their defenses.

[Picture of game setup]

Each game, players will combine Character and Background cards to create unique Heroes, with special abilities and stats. Braaains!!! uses custom dice for crafting and attacking, with more proficient Heroes having more rerolls. Heroes should work together, but each will have a secret goal that must be achieved for Hero victory.

The Zombie Lord will spend cards to place and move zombies, as well as fueling special events; but they must be careful, in deciding when to play their cards and how much to pay. A Zombie Lord that runs out of cards will find themselves in danger of losing.

Braaains!!! is divided into three Acts, with each Act having its own pacing and surprises. The game has been designed to stand alone, but can accommodate future expansions such as more Heroes, more Zombies (zombie dogs for example), or even a Zombie Lord deck that would turn the game into a full co-op.

Braaains!!! is shown with miniatures, but could also work with meeples.